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About ompany

TMM (full name: Firma "T.M.M."-LLC) is a vertically integrated real estate developer and construction company of the full scope. TMM has been operating on the Ukrainian market of real estate construction since 1994 and is one of the leading real estate developer and construction companies in Ukraine.

Development and construction of residential complexes on a turnkey basis is the main activity of the Company, which covers all complex of construction and fine finishing works as well as post-construction utility services provision for the completed projects.

Today the ompany's projects are located in Kyiv and Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Crimea and Kherson region.

The company was one of the first to implement modern technologies in development and construction of real estate as well as in optimization of business processes at all stages of property development.

In Kyiv TMM Company was among pioneers to construct business-class residential complexes with large social infrastructure - supermarkets, pharmacies, kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, beauty saloons, fitness centres and commercial premises. In Kharkiv the company was the first to start construction of deluxe class real estate property.

As of today the total area of 34 projects completed by TMM during 1994-2015 is over 700 thousand sq m.

  Our mission

Constant leadership in the realization of unique projects, foreseeing future needs of the real estate market, providing the best price/quality ratio and satisfying the requirements of our clients.

  Our vision

We are an active and dynamic company - we develop steeply and contribute largely to development of the real estate market of Ukraine.

We aim at the highest standards of construction, implementing modern technologies and experience.

We preach the new for Ukrainian construction market approach, fully ensuring the production chain on projects construction and its further post-construction utility service: TMM does not only purchase land plots and constructs the buildings - the company conducts the full-scope cycle of construction works, including fine finishing works; and after putting the object into operation the company continues to maintain them, providing post-construction utility services and maintaining outdoors territory.

We provide Ukrainians with the modern qualitative dwelling that meets all international norms of construction and provides our clients with the new quality of life.

  Our strategy:

  • Expansion at the high-end residential property market;
  • Diversification of the project-portfolio;
  • Entering new segments of the real estate market;
  • Deepening of vertical integration;
  • Implementation of modern construction technology.

  Our principles

Professionalism - profound knowledge and teamwork, development of the company and every employee in particular;

Decency - self-respect and respect to partners and clients; work according to world standards of business, responsible and accurate performance of duties;

Quality - sticking to the highest standards of construction;

Clarity - professional planning and timely conduction of the tasks posed;

Integrity - achieving the integrity of time and quality;

Efficiency - successful implementation of the whole construction works complex and optimal usage of resources.


TMM Company successfully completed 32 projects in three cities of Ukraine

Currently TMM is realizing 4 projects in two cities of Ukraine

At present TMM Company's portfolio contains 11 projects under development in four regions of Ukraine

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